Creative Process from the Perspective of one Playwright

Creative process : collage

While (half) watching a PBS documentary one evening this past week, I was introduced to one facet of the creative process of a famous playwright, August Wilson. This Pulitzer Prize winning playwright had the habit of taking odd jobs for exposure and immersing himself in environments that provided an opportunity to interact with, and observe many people that would eventually feed his writings. Wilson was known for writing expressions, conversations, descriptions and situations on loose slips of paper or even napkins. He would then collect these in a box and later assemble these snippets into characters, dialogue, scenes and acts and finally completed plays. The creative process for him was never about sitting down to draft an entire play from beginning to end, rather it was about being open to weave disparate pieces into a coherent whole. Wilson gave himself the time and space to create theatrical collages out of snippets of his interactions with his environment.

Published by Jennifer Otitigbe