Trust the Process, for real


I had two incidents come to mind that prompted me to reflect on the theme “trust the process”. See my previous post on working across different personalities. In one case, several designers I worked with were quick to jump to a UI solution, without thinking through user goals, workflows and exploring several design ideas. Strong personalities, so I caved. I started developing mock-ups of the idea, and the more I worked on them the more apparent this oversight became. In the second incident, I was working with a technology development manager that wanted a solution to something in a few weeks, in a space so complex that it really would be better off going through a more extensive design process. Looking back, I am not clear there was anything could do to influence this second case for a more favorable timeline. For the first case, I decided to go back to basics. User roles, goals, workflows and then sketches of the UI mapped to workflows. After all, Design Is Basic. Note to self, “trust the (UX) process” for real.