Maintaining Technology

This is the ordeal i’ve come to dread. Making updates to my iPhone.


I’ve known updates have needed to happen for a while but I also know that for me updates using iTunes is a 3 to 4 hour time sink. I hoped against hope that it would be different today but alas, it actually took almost 4 hours and everything is still not working. The one main App that I wanted to update I can’t even see. This by far is the most frustrating part of my experience as a user. This is what I had to do (1) Update iOS, (2) Update iTunes, (3) Update my Apps, (4) load my updated Apps to the iPhone, (5) reload apps that I downloaded from the App store when I wasn’t connected to my computer, (6) troubleshoot Apps that show up in iTunes but not on the phone, (7) delete apps from iTunes and try to reload them again from the App store and then as all else has failed, I search the reviews in the App store to see who is having the same problem. Lots of crash comments but nothing with my specific issue so I post a review. Then I start wondering how I can do what I wanted to do without the App I just lost 4 hours of my life trying to access. Did I really need that update? Too late now. It’s gone.

Published by Jennifer Otitigbe