Deciding for Decisive

Decisive_heathI’ve been a fan of the Heath Brothers book ‘Made to Stick’ so I was pleased to find that they came out with the book ‘Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Work and in Life’. I have a small set of books that I plan to re-read every year and this one made the cut.  As a designer, understanding how people decide is critical. Making decisions on design without a process can lead to poor outcomes. Without giving up too much of this book, I have to cite two of my  key take aways; (1) Ask yourself, ‘What would have to be true for an option you are considering to be the right one? ‘ and (2) ‘Multi-track’, don’t limit yourself to a few options, ‘think and not or’. Brilliant book for many reasons. Highly recommended read for anyone interested in the mechanics of decision making.

Published by Jennifer Otitigbe